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Motorcycle garage ideas motorcycle workshop Milan

We are a Milan motorcycle workshop made up of a team of real experts, ready to help you and advise you in everything you need. Anyone who comes to us will have the certainty of finding competence, courtesy and precision: our first goal, in fact, is to satisfy all customer needs, as far as the world of two wheels is concerned. 

small motorcycle garage ideas thanks to the technical skills acquired over the years, we have become authorized dealers of the best motorcycle brands on the market and making use of specialized technicians, we are able to intervene effectively on:

• Honda

• Piaggio

• Kymko

diy motorcycle garage ideas motorcycles, engines, adrenaline, speed have always been our passion, since we were children. What was previously a simple passion, is now a commercial activity in all respects, which we constantly try to nurture and expand, adding more and more modern and requested services. Here you can find everything for two wheels, motorcycles and scooters. From the latest generation and high quality helmets, to protections, fairings, accessories, clothing. 

home motorcycle garage ideas we are always very careful to carefully select every single product and in order to offer the best service to our customers, we take care to enhance as much as possible the refresher courses to which we periodically submit all our staff. In fact, we want to be updated as much as possible on the most modern safety technologies, because the passion for engines and two-wheelers must always be accompanied by attention to safeguarding our health, our passengers and those around us. .

At our Milan motorcycle workshop it is possible to request:

• Service: cool motorcycle garage ideas periodically, it is mandatory to subject your vehicle to routine maintenance to verify the degree of safety and reliability of the mechanical elements that compose it. Generally it is the manufacturer that determines the frequency of these checks.

• Tire replacement: dream motorcycle garage ideas we deal with the sale and installation of tires of the best brands, ideal for guaranteeing safe driving in any condition. We guarantee a complete technical assistance service and by appointment, it is possible to request not only the replacement of tires, but also the change of brake pads, as well as the balance control, tire pressure, suspension ... and much more.

• Suspensions for sports motorcycles: by acting on the suspension of the motorcycles, it is possible to correct the movement under braking, acceleration and comfort. Obviously, the extent of any intervention will depend on the technical characteristics of the individual motorcycle.

• Repairs in general: the customer can contact us for any breakdown or malfunction of the motorcycle. Thanks to the presence of specialized technical personnel, we know how to intervene in the best possible way, guaranteeing the restoration of the optimal conditions of the motorcycle.

In addition to dealing with the technical and mechanical aspects of motorcycles, our Milan motorcycle workshop also deals with the sale of different types and brands of helmets. In particular, it is possible to choose between:

• Full-face helmets: vintage motorcycle garage ideas they appear as a single piece, externally composed of a single shell. The space inside is a little smaller than other types. It should be emphasized that this aspect is a fundamental element for those who are about to buy this accessory. generally, we can say that this is the best choice in case of road and sport use, or in any case on the occasion of medium and long range outings. Being made up of a monobloc shell, it can be considered the safest helmet, during the hot season, however, due to poor internal ventilation, it can be particularly annoying, especially in cities, or in any case on those road sections that prevent high speeds.

• Jet helmets: motorcycle workshop near me it looks like a shell able to cover only the upper part of the head and the nape, and is instead completely open on the front of the head. It has no chin guard, it is composed of a quick coupling / release system and is only equipped with a visor for face protection. Currently it is certainly the best-selling type of helmet and, thanks to its small size that facilitate its transport and positioning in the dedicated scooter compartments, it is particularly suitable for urban use. Being practical, light and comfortable, it is the ideal solution in the city and during the hottest season, but at the same time, it is also the least safe helmet and exposes the motorcyclists who wear it more to the risk of trauma, precisely because the face is completely discovery.

• Flip-up helmets: small garage for motorcycle they are considered hybrid helmets, as their peculiarity consists mainly in presenting a fold-down chin guard and in being able to become, if necessary, jet helmets. This feature makes them the ideal solution both for journeys within the city center and for medium and long-range routes. Surely they are a very comfortable and versatile solution that allow you to move freely. Regarding the degree of protection offered, it is placed at an intermediate level between jet helmets and full-face helmets.

• Cross Helmets: do it yourself motorcycle garage as the name itself indicates, this is the helmet chosen by those who decide to buy a motocross bike. They are very solid and impact resistant items and made with materials capable of giving the helmet itself lightness and strength. They are aerodynamic, comfortable and allow the biker to easily make all the necessary movements, without being disturbed or excessively slowed down. The interiors allow a perfect fit and on the market you can find various sizes. Thanks to their characteristics, they easily adapt to different tastes and needs.

• Custom Helmets: These are helmets which, while respecting all the safety requirements that these accessories must guarantee, at the same time can be customized and made with a design that is very reminiscent of what was used in the past. Different types of helmets can be purchased, in different colors, according to the preferences or needs of each motorcyclist. The models available at Officina moto Milano are very numerous and, at the same time, all guarantee the wearer maximum comfort and safety. They are also ideal to be worn together with other accessories.

• Kids Helmets: motorcycle repair software we offer jet, integral, modular and cross helmets that adapt perfectly to the comfort and safety needs of children. We have various models, belonging to the best brands, all strictly homologated.

Well, that's a review about motorcycle garage workshop ideas, hopefully it can be understood and can be useful.

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