Car wouldn't start at first and now i smell gas

Car wouldn't start at first and now i smell gas what to do if there is a smell of exhaust gas in the passenger compartment?

Your car windows aren't open yet you smell the exhaust fumes in your cabin? It is important to target the cause of this smell. Indeed, this can be a sign of a problem in the vehicle's exhaust system and should be some reflections to make sure you understand where the problem is, but also to avoid it. Explanations.

Verify this is your vehicle

The first thing you need to do when you smell the exhaust fumes inside your car is to make sure it's yours. In fact, if you are on the freeway and in a traffic jam, it could be the cars surrounding you.

In this case, don't hesitate to double the car in front of you, change lanes, close the windows or join an area of ​​the highway to see if the smell persists.

Causes of exhaust odors in the passenger compartment

There are several causes of exhaust odors spreading around the cabin, these are:

The particulate filter no longer works

This filter has the role of retaining the particles found in the combustion gases. It is found mainly on the exhausts of cars equipped with a diesel engine. When the particulate filter is clogged, it can diffuse an exhaust smell into the passenger compartment. It is therefore necessary to quickly review your car because the particles are harmful to both humans and the environment.

Leakage from gasket or exhaust manifold

The manifold is a tube connected to the engine cylinders and the exhaust line. Its role is to collect the engine gases to direct them to the exhaust line.

At each end of the manifold and its components are seals that seal the system. But they can deteriorate with heat, time, or gas pressure.

Note that if you are faced with this type of problem, you can use common compound to seal the cracks. But if they are too important and the smell persists, it will without hesitation go to a garage.

How to avoid the odors of the exhaust gases?

Maintenance of the exhaust system must be carried out at each vehicle overhaul. It is also recommended to do this once a year or following the manufacturer's recommendations. In addition to planning a big start and then rolling for several hours, it's best to overhaul the exhaust system to drive peacefully.

When using the car primarily in the city, exhaust odors can come from a dirty particulate filter. This is due to not driving at a high engine speed. In this case, if you use your car only in urban areas, and therefore at low speeds, it is highly recommended to make a few trips from time to time on the motorway, in order to clean the FAP.

The importance of having the exhaust system repaired

The particles that are released from a faulty exhaust system are very harmful to humans as there is a release of carbon monoxide and therefore a risk of nausea or even poisoning.

Also, in a world where environmental protection has become a big issue, it is important to overhaul the vehicle, especially the exhaust system. Indeed, heat engine cars are increasingly criticized due to their damaging effect on the environment and climate disturbance. A faulty exhaust system is therefore very polluting and you need to be vigilant.

Why go through a professional?

If you smell exhaust fumes in your cabin and it's coming from your car, it's important to see a professional for a diagnosis and repairs.

Unlike some mechanical tasks that can be done on your own, the exhaust system is complex and comes from experienced people in the field. So do not hesitate in case of problems to go to the garage, notice it and make estimates to compare prices in case of repairs.

Broken starter motor: symptoms and replacement costs

What is the car starter motor for? What are the symptoms that should make us think that it is broken or that it is having problems? Read on, and find out everything there is to know about this fundamental part of your car.

Starter motor: what is it for?

As its name implies, the starter motor is used to start the engine of internal combustion cars, allowing it to reach the number of revolutions necessary to trigger its operation.

By turning the ignition key or pressing the start button, the motor is activated thanks to the electricity supplied by the battery, it begins to spin and in this movement it drags the engine with it, activating the piston cycle. All this happens in a few seconds, after which the starter motor turns off.

It is not difficult to realize how the starter motor is indispensable to start the car, and that it plays a very important role, even more so, in vehicles equipped with the "start & stop" system, as it comes into operation every time the engine it is automatically switched off to limit consumption and harmful emissions.

What are the symptoms of a broken starter motor?

When the starter motor is broken, the engine does not start, and as a result the car does not start. However, it is important to remember that, if the motor does not turn on, it could also be the fault of the flat battery. Finding out is very simple: if the other electrical devices in the car (such as the headlights or the stereo) are working correctly, the problem lies in the starter motor.

The malfunctions affecting the latter may be more than one, and in relation to them the symptoms also change:

If, when you try to start the car, the motor emits a continuous ticking, the electromagnet inside could be faulty.

If the motor is making a knocking noise, the problem could be in the power supply circuit.

If, on the other hand, absolutely nothing happens when the key is inserted, the internal electric circuit of the motor is completely interrupted.

When, on the other hand, the scooter seems to be working, but emits strange noises, or the car hardly starts, it is always better to have it checked, to avoid being left on foot.

The starter motor consists of various parts, some of which can be replaced separately: it will be up to your trusted mechanic to advise you on what to do.

Although designed to last a very long time, the mopeds, even in the absence of particular symptoms, should be checked after having traveled about 100,000 km.

Their cost is on average around 150 euros, but this is a rough figure, as it can change a lot depending on the type of car and the brand of the spare part chosen. Of course, the cost of labor must be added to this amount.

car wouldn't start at first and now i smell gas as always, we recommend avoiding DIY, as only a mechatronic expert is able to assess the condition of the starter motor and, above all, replace it with the most suitable model for your car.

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